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Our product range is now offering LaDoll and Premier Clay. LaDoll and Premier are both top quality air-dry clay's from Japan. Once you have experienced the wonderful features and quality of these clays you will never use any other clay again.


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With formability and strength well balanced, "LaDoll" is a standard type clay that is Suitable for making anything. Highly formable, it can be used easy to express a delicate look.  It is best for modelling dolls. "LaDoll" can also de dissolved in water and used as a finish coat, or you can soak paper and cloth into it and form a shape.







  Made by    Emiko Tabata






                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Made by Yoichi Takahashi





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Premier Air Dry Clay

CODE: 4-3135

Price: $19.43

(Including tax)