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Powertex Accessories

Powertex Accessories including Fairy Wings, Aluminium Foil, Witches Brooms, Aprons, bears, pigs, straw suitcases, threaded rod, etc
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Bear Mini

CODE: 7-0033

Price: $3.68

(Including tax)


Pig (Bolle Bassie)

CODE: 7-0031

Price: $31.90

(Including tax)


Powertex Apron

CODE: 8-0050

Price: $26.20

(Including tax)


Stuffed Toy Pig's Jacket

CODE: 7-0032

Price: $13.65

(Including tax)


Suitcase Straw

CODE: 7-0035

Price: $4.99

(Including tax)


Threaded Rod 4.5mm

CODE: TR-0045

Price: $5.25

(Including tax)


Threaded Rod 8mm

CODE: TR-0080

Price: $6.75

(Including tax)


Wings 20cm

CODE: 7-00Wings

Price: $2.00

(Including tax)

Out of stock


Witches Broom 70cm

CODE: 7-0750

Price: $7.60

(Including tax)