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Stone Art - Overview



What is Stone Art?


Powertex Bronze, Terracotta and Lead have a well balanced mixture of different high quality pigments with which you can create the most beautiful effects. The application possibilities and the quality are not comparable with any other available paints, powders or Textile Hardeners. There is no other product available that provides such versatility and so many possible effects; that is why we recommend the use of Powertex & Stone Art for any Art or Craft project.
The advantages of these new developments is that it works faster, you can apply the Stone Art to pre-shaped figures, dries immediately (hardening takes a bit longer) and it may be painted into the desired colours immediately. In most cases it does not even require to be painted, the natural product provides a unique terracotta, bluestone or bronze effect; you can add as much structure to your sculpture as you wish. This technique is so easy that everybody can learn it; you will astonish yourself.
Basic Stone Art user Instructions
When measuring the Stone Art make sure that you press down and compact the powder, as it will be at this level that you measure your Stone Art powder ratios.

Mix the Powertex and Stone Art 1:1 and knead the substances until you have a firm mixture comparable to bread dough, making sure it no longer sticks to your hands. With this unique clay you can start modeling or moulding by applying layers of Stone Art and adding structure to your project. The easiest way to work is by using a pre-shaped figure made of polystyrene or papier-mâché, wood, Hebel-blocks, plaster of Paris, or a self made figure made out of aluminium foil covered with masking tape (same concept as making a figure for Powertex). By using Powertex Lead you create a beautiful bluestone imitation.
Apply Powertex onto your statue with a medium size brush, sprinkle Stone Art powder over the Powertex and rub off excess. Apply another lot of Powertex and this apply it on the areas where you wish to apply the Stone Art clay. Press the clay on and add more Stone Art powder until the final effect has been reached. A shiny effect is created by adding more Stone Art powder and rubbing with the palm of your hand, the powder disappears where the shining effect appears. A glossy effect is created by adding just a finger tip of Powertex and rubbing until the desired effect has been reached. Repeat the polishing continuously until the desired effect has been reached. The more you polish the darker the effect will be.
Important Information
If you are planning to place your sculptures outside please note that the Stone Art powder is not weather proof and will rinse off when wet. To create the same effect we suggest you use a cream/white coloured paint or varnish the complete figure at least three times before standing outside. It is recommended that you repeat the varnishing every 12-18 months. Remember to let your project dry for a minimum of 2 weeks (like Powertex) to ensure that it has cured before coating with varnish.
Practical Tips
By rubbing a little gold paint on to a Powertex Bronze statue and than by brushing it with green you create a wonderful bronze imitation. A large variation of nice pastel colours can be created by using PowerColor Powder Pigments.

This sheet outlines only the basic method for using Stone Art. We have many other applications and methods available. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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