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About Art and Crafts

Art and Crafts Owner Sandra Bohannon

I have always enjoyed art and craft, opening my own little studio at home back in 2005 where I teach acrylic painting, the art of making fabric dolls, bags, appliqué and embroidery. My Art & Crafts business all started when I was commissioned to complete a couple of portraits and Photo Albums back in early 2000. The business grew and with the home studio opening back in 2005 where I started teaching Art and Crafts to all those who wanted to learn.

My favourite would still be transforming little girls into fairy's on canvas, but since I discovered Powertex the artistic options are endless.

The fantastic things about Powertex is how you can incorporate it with so many different arts and crafts. I use it with my acrylic painting, protecting my handbags, and treating my fabric dolls, these are just some of my examples..

I first discovered Powertex back in 2006 and after having a go on my own finally went to complete a train the trainer weekend with Evelyn Janssen in March 07, which proved to be a great opportunity to refine the techniques of these products. I have been running classes since, and thoroughly enjoy passing on my love of Art and how to get the most out of incorporating Powertex to my students.

To me the possibilities seem endless and I have a list that seems to grow daily of all the different things I want to try with these fantastic products.


I am definitely an advocate for Powertex. I've got to say "I love it!!" and I hope that you'll learn to love it too.